AEC Promag  provides  value  added  services  to  the  Construction  Industry  -  as partners  to  "conceptualize and realize"  new
development initiatives in the construction field relating to  Real Estate Development, Residential, IT/ITES, Hospitality, Health Care,
  Infrastructure etc. With over 50 employees, we use a low risk and proven service model that  leverages significant domain expertise
  to accelerate schedules with a high degree of time, transparency, and cost predictability.                                      

History of
AEC Promag

AEC Promag is primarily a Construction Project Management Consultancy and Property Development Company was incorporated as a Private Limited
Company under the Companies Act in the year 2000.


AEC Promag at present

With dramatic growth of the Indian Economy, there is a significant need for development of infrastructure, housing, etc. As a result, a new generation of construction related services is required in India that combine best known global practices and local knowledge to facilitate faster execution, increased productivity, greater transparency, and improved profitability. In addition, the Company also recognizes that there are significant opportunities to extend the global trend of offshore outsourcing to the Construction Industry. Accordingly, the Company at present, offer value added services to the clients in the Construction Industry to address these significant market opportunities.

The Company is headquartered in Bangalore.


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